Miscellaneous : 

  1. SemEval – International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation
  2. Kaggle competitions

Health :

  1. ImageCLEF  : The following three tasks are proposed in 2019:
  2. TREC Precision Medicine / Clinical Decision Support Track : The 2018 track focus on an important use case in clinical decision support: providing useful precision medicine-related information to clinicians treating cancer patients.                               Task description : Participants of the track will be challenged with retrieving (1) biomedical articles, in the form of article abstracts (largely from MEDLINE/PubMed), addressing relevant treatments for the given patient, and (2) clinical trials (from ClinicalTrials.gov), addressing relevant clinical trials for which the patient is eligible. The first set of results represents the retrieval of existing knowledge in the scientific literature, while the second represents the potential for connecting patients with experimental treatments if existing treatments have been ineffective.
  3. CLEF e-Health :  In 2018, it comprised of 3 tasks :
    •  Task 1 – Multilingual Information Extraction
    • Task 2 – Technologically Assisted Reviews in Empirical Medicine
    • Task 3 – Patient-centred information retrieval

Online Social media :

  1. WSDM Cup competitions.
  2. FEVER – Fact Extraction and Verification at EMNLP 2018 workshop

Acoustics :

  1. DCASE 2018 – IEEE AASP Challenge on Detection and Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events. There are multiple tasks such as :
    • Acoustic Scene classification
    • General-purpose audio tagging of Freesound content with AudioSet labels
    • Bird audio detection
    • Large-scale weakly labeled semi-supervised sound event detection in domestic environments
    • Monitoring of domestic activities based on multi-channel acoustics